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Understanding Time Zone
Feb 2024
Building a mental model around Time Zone
Understanding financial functions in Excel/Google Sheets
Oct 2023   rev on  Oct 2023
A visual understanding on how FV, PV, RATE, PMT NPER etc are related.
A Visual Exploration of Indian Population
Feb 2022
An example of data and perception guiding the design of a visualization, of India's 2011 population census.
Cosmic Scales
Jan 2022
On playing with few numbers, to gain a perspective on cosmos.
On Time, clock and ordering paper
Sep 2021   rev on  Mar 2022
A fundamental paper, often misunderstood.
On Compound Interest
Sep 2017   rev on  May 2021
Observations on exponential growth and its affects on investment returns.
Y combinator in small steps
Jul 2015
Representing recursion without a named function, in JavaScript
Minimal Mochajs testing framework DSL
Mar 2014
A minimal mochajs testing framework DSL, in less than 100 lines of JavaScript.
Subtleties Of Programming
May 2008
Be careful in swapping with XOR
CLRS - problem 2.3-7
May 2008
Solution to problem 2.3-7, Introduction to Algorithms, CLRS, 2nd ed.